Garlic Oil Natural Prevent Hair Loss Falling Dandruff Treatment by Baqais 125ml

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Garlic oil by Baqais is versatile, whether for consumption body or hair use. It is very well suited for hair problems, fights dandruff, delights, activates the scalp and prevents hair loss, reactivated the roots of the hair, perfect for dry and stressed hair.

Original Garlic oil has also a very positive effect on the body and strengthens the immune system. It helps to: High blood pressure, digestive, eye care, intestinal problems, diabetes, high cholesterol values, infected wounds, asthma and much more....

Key Features:

  • Original Garlic oil made of abstract garlic and natural oils
  • Feeds the hair and prevents from dandruff, delights, and hair falling.
  • For external use only
  • Made in Saudi Arabia
  • Free from alcohol
  • Helps the hair to grow again
  • Size: 125ml