Layla Baklava Pastry Baked Sweets Pistachio Cashew Walnut Nuts Chocolate 1kg

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A delightful assortment of classic baklava bites carefully filled with cashew, walnut and pistachio some are chocolate covered. This is a crispy sweet pastry product delicately hand made with fine filo leaves, filled with nuts, buttered and then gently coated with a light syrup.

Comes in a sealed box containing 50 portions of a delightful assortment mix classic baklava bites flavours:

  • Pistachio Filling
  • Cashew Filling Topped with Pistachio Garnish
  • Cashew Filling with 45% Cocoa Chocolate Drizzle
  • Walnut Filling
  • Chocolate Coated Baklava Truffle with Almond Flake

Key Features:

  • Premium Baklava Pastry
  • A Mixture of all Different Types of Baklava
  • Sealed Box Containing 50 Portions
  • Halal
  • Net Weight of 1kg