Matilde Vicenzi Magnifico Wafer Gaufrette Biscuit Chocolate HazelNut Vanilla750g

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Matilde Vicenzi Wafer is traditional: a recipe that brings together a light wafer and a rich cream; made with only the finest ingredients. High -quality chocolate and milk from the best companies in Europe give to the classic snack a natural and delicious flavour. The wafers are prepared with flour, eggs, butter and yeast.

They are cooked in special moulds that make them thin and imprint the traditional design to the surface of the biscuit. Over the years the artisanal and family experience in premium quality sweetness have continued to be the symbol of Matilde Vicenzi Italian Fine Pastry all over the world.

Key Features:

  • Brand: Matilde Vicenzi
  • Product Type: Wafer Biscuits
  • Wafer biscuits, Three Delicious Wafer Layers and Two Layers Cream
  • Individually Wrapped and Packed
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Pack Net Weight: 750g (30 Wafer Bars x 25g)
  • The Pack Includes:
    • 12 x Chcoclate Wafer 25g
    • 12 x Hazelnut Wafer 25g
    • 6 x Vanilla Wafer 25g