Rowse Squeezy Clear Honey Syrup Pure Natural Sweet Creamy Smooth Large 1.36kg

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Rowse Honey makes the perfect accompaniment to any breakfast; drizzle over morning goods, on toast and over porridge. Our honey is also great used as a base for marinades and dressings, grills and glazes.

Most honeys crystallise over time, but Rowse have been able to control this process and produce set honey. That is why the product remains smooth and creamy.

Rowse Honey is UK’s brand leader in honey and pure maple syrups and has been passionate about creating the perfect honey since 1938. Although pure and natural, Rowse Honey is not recommended for infants below 12 months old.

Ingredients: 100% Pure and Natural Honey

Key Features:

  • Brand: Rowse
  • Squeezy Plastic Bottle
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Not suitable for infants under 12 months
  • Kosher Certified
  • Gluten Free syrup
  • Weight: 1.36kg