Tassimo Costa Cappuccino Coffee T Discs 40 Drink Cup Capsules - Pack of 5x8 Pods

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A specially crafted blend of coffee beans roasted to perfection to create the same authentic taste of a Costa espresso based Cappuccino, topped with velvety frothy milk. Insert a Tassimo T DISC pod into the machine & enjoy.

Ingredients: Concentrated ultra filtered MILK preparation (62%), roast and ground coffee (25%), water, sugar (5.5%), salt, acidity regulator (E339).


  • Take a break with our tasty Cappuccino at home with TASSIMO Costa Cappuccino pods
  • Authentic taste of Costa Cappuccino
  • Coffee Certified by Rainforest Alliance
  • Store in a Clean, Cool and Dry Place
  • Packaged in a Protective Atmosphere
  • Pack of 5 Boxes of 8 Capsules (Total of 40 Servings)