Lemarie Patissier American Style Panqueques Mini Pancakes - Pack Set of 50 x 20g

Lemarie Patissier

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Lemarie Patissier
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Product Overview

Treat your patrons to the rich taste of traditional American Pan Cakes made from this convenient, simple-to-use mix! Featuring a mini pancake-like consistency, yet lighter and thinner, crepes are flexible to fold around your sweet or savory fillings. For a sweeter taste, serve pancakes filled with your favorite fruit fillings and topped with powdered sugar or a dollop of whipped cream. Whether served as a sweet dessert, snack, or satisfying meal, the delicate texture of crepes can be filled with a variety of wholesome ingredients, Maple Syrup, Nutella, Chocolates and more!

Ingredients: Wheat flour, eggs, dextrose, water, sugar, rapeseed oil, whole milk powder, stabilizer, glycerol lactose, raising agents (contains wheat) diphosphate - sodium carbonate, emulsifier: mono- diglycerides of fatty acids, naturalvanilla flavour (contains alcohol), salt, preservative: potassium sorbate. May contain traces of nuts.


  • American Style Mini Pancakes Treat
  • Individually Wrapped 2 Pcs per Packet
  • Simple to Use and Saves Preparation Time
  • Great for Restaurants and Bakeries
  • Made in France
  • Average Shelf Life 3-4 Weeks
  • Pack of 50 x 20g


(No reviews yet) Write a Review