Redex Adblue with Spout RADD0033A Fuel Car Additive Treatment Fluid Pack 5 Litre

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Product Overview

Redex Adblue® is for use in diesel cars to reduce emissions by up to 80%. Running out of Adblue® will cause your car to stop, so having a spare bottle to hand is sensible and will help to keep your car running for longer. Topping up can be difficult, as you need the right kind of bottle. Redex Adblue’s unique bottle has a secure opening and locking system so you don’t need to freely pour it, preventing nasty spillages and odours. The bottle can be stored safely in your boot without risk of leaking so you can use it any time you start to run low.


  • Don't Run Out Or Your Car Won't Start!
  • Model RADD0033A
  • Reduces NOX emissions by up to 80%
  • Easy Pour Spout
  • Keep In The Boot To Top Up
  • Made of Quality Material
  • Pack of 5 Litres


(No reviews yet) Write a Review